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How do I join Ragnarok?

1. You must be tested by a Ragnarok Clan Recruiter, for skill and attitude.
2. You must agree to abide by the clan rules.
3. You must find the Ragnarok server leader for whichever server you wish to join. You must meet the requirements on your home server (Armageddon and/or Banff) before getting to join on Revelation.

What rating do i need?

The required rating depends on server and also on whether you are gold or grey.

Grey Account On FPS Servers - 850
Gold Account On FPS Servers - 1000
Gold Account On Rev Server - 950

Who are the Ragnarok server leaders?

How Do I Play?


Arctic Fire

There is an average of 4 leaders per server but our numbers often fluctuate and players resign or apply

What are the Ragnarok rules?

We have a few rules concerning how your account is used.

Shared Accounts: Sharing your account with people outside of Ragnarok is not encouraged. When you don't know who you are talking to, what do you say to them? Sharing someone else's account from outside Ragnarok is also frowned upon. Ragnarok recommends you share your password with NO ONE.

Grey Jumping: Ragnarok golds should NEVER jump onto a grey player waiting for a game. Not only is it unfair, it drives new players away from the game.If You're a gold and wish for a game against a game you may set yourself on an empty square or ask for a game in lobby for greys so that they may come forward if they wish.

Can I be a leader?

New Ragnarok leaders are chosen on an as-needed basis from among the ranks of the players from each server. If you want to be a leader, then conduct yourself in the best supportive fashion, until you become ready to be able apply.


What Is A Clan?

A clan is a group of players who, for reasons of fun, skill, or just about anything else, decide to be identified as a group.

How do I become a member of a clan?

To become a member of a clan, you must be invited by the leader. To
accept membership in a clan you use the /join command. You cannot be a
member of another clan, else the leader will be unable to invite you.
Some clans will invite you without you even asking. Others will require
that you meet rating criteria, and/or play a tryout game against them.

What benefits do I get if I join a clan?

In-game, you have access to a private chat channel that only members of
your clan can see. Talk in this channel is printed in blue. If you wish
to talk in the clan channel, you can type /c at the beginning of your
sentence, or you can use control+enter instead of just enter. When you
use the /stat command, the name of your clan will be shown next to your
name and rating. In addition, any games you play against other people
in your clan will be unrated. These are the only in-game clan
benefits, but many clans have websites, forums, and other perks that
come with membership.

Where can I get information about clans?

Many clans have a website or forum, and most of these websites are listed at this link: http://tacticsarena.com/clanwebsites/
. Of course, the best way to learn about a clan is to talk to its
members, either in the lobby, through personal messages on the TAO
forums (located here: http://tacticsarena.com/forum/ ) or through instant messengers.

How can I start my own clan?

First of all, you must have paid for a gold account. Then you can use
the /clan command to make a new clan. But be careful! You can only do
this once per account! Once you have made a new clan you are stuck with
it (no fixing spelling errors), unless you give leadership to another
member. Then you can flee the bad name you made, but still you will
have used up your only chance to make a clan on your account.

How can I become the leader of a clan?

The current leader must give you leadership, using the /leader command. You can be made the leader even when you donít want it!

What are all the clan in-game commands?

This command can be used by anyone not in a clan:
/join - accepts the invitation to join a clan most recently sent to you

This command can be used by any gold member not in a clan (ONCE!)
/clan - creates a new clan, and makes you the leader.

These commands can be used by any clan member:
/c - send a clan chat message. Can also be done using control+enter.
/leave - leaves your current clan. You can't use this if you are the leader.

Thses commands can be used by the clan leader only:
/expel - kicks a member out of the clan.
/invite - invites a member to a clan
/leader - gives leadership to another member of the clan. This means you aren't the leader anymore!

Are there any rankings for clans?
Yes, the clan and player rankings are updated every friday by the server admins. Serg sends them to the TAO portal, and you may look at them in the TAO forum section of the Ragnarok website under clan rankings and banff rankings

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